When it comes to repairing and maintaining revolving doors, no one provides a broader range of services than Midwest Door Services. If you’re having trouble with a revolving door, we can help. We’ve seen it all, diagnosed it all, and fixed it all.

Revolving Door Maintenance Service Program

Midwest Door Services takes the worry out of revolving door maintenance by performing the following services:


• We will furnish and install a new complete change of weathersweeps (Tops, Bottoms and Verticals) on each revolving door wing.


• We will clean, lubricate and adjust the revolving door hardware system (Speed control, Pivot, Discs, Hangers, Locks and Shaft attachments) as needed.

If any hardware is found to be defective, we will replace it with new parts. Charges will be made for materials only. Installation is covered under this program.

Revolving Door Repair - All brands (yes, we said all)

Regardless of the manufacturer and age of your revolving door, we can fix it. Our technicians live, eat and breathe revolving doors. They know what to look for and will diagnose the problem quickly. Parts are never a problem because we can efficiently manufacture whatever parts we don’t have in stock or can’t locate.

Midwest Door Services will repair or replace:

If you or your service provider will be performing the repair yourself, but need expert help diagnosing the problem, call us.

Weatherstripping and Lubrication

Weatherstripping on revolving doors takes a beating from traffic, dirt and weather. Sooner or later it must be replaced. We manufacture our own weatherstripping in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any door. We’ll replace your worn out weatherstripping and lubricate the door assembly to keep it moving smoothly.

For those who prefer to install their own weatherstripping, we will manufacture to your specifications and deliver it in precut lengths or bulk rolls.

Manufacture of Replacement Parts

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to manufacture whatever parts we need to repair revolving doors, from new and mid-century back to the 1890’s. Our parts are interchangeable with your manufacturer’s specs in finishes to match any style, and are guaranteed for. For more information, see Products.

Revolving Door Rehab (Manual only)

When door replacement is the only option, Midwest Door Services will install a new door in your enclosure that meets the requirements of the manufacturer and restores the utility and beauty of your building’s entrance. If you are doing the work yourself, we can provide Rehab Kits.

Other types of Commercial Doors

Even though our specialty is revolving doors, our clients often find themselves in need of other door repairs. We can help with that too. As a service to our clients we have developed solid relationships with companies that specialize in other types of door repair. We can connect you with service technicians for:

• Automatic Sliding Doors

• Garage Doors

• Dock Doors

• Automatic Revolving Doors

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Our reputation for after market support is your assurance that we will take care of your revolving door needs. Not one of our clients has terminated our services for any reason in the last four years. In fact, our client base has grown by over 20% in the past 24 months. You can trust your revolving doors to Midwest.

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